June 6, 2010

Serpentine Adornments

Im a fidgety little thing. One may inevitably catch me in the act of tucking, tugging or tweaking my outfit about ten-thousand times in the span of a day. Every morning I throw things on and improvise as the day progresses. That's why I love accessories, particularly multi-purpose ones. Sure it may not be a Bulgari bracelet(pictured above), but this silvery serpent sure pulls its weight in versatility! It coils a choke hold on your arm, waist or neck while the magnetic ends help to charm this guy into submissive obedience. Like a little child amused by sparkly objects, this thing will keep me stylishly occupied. So when you see that my belt has found its way to my arm, it probably means I needed to give my waist a break for the midday nosh-induced tummy pooch!

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