May 10, 2010

Nothing compares to you...

After months of daydreaming, Mel finally had an epiphany. Allow me to explain... It all started way back in October. It's Paris fashion week and here comes the lithe Daria Werbowy strutting out the first look of Balmain spring 2010. Gasp! Those boots, (imagine drooling) It's love at first sight! However, no amount of love could compel Mel to shell out $1495!  So she set out to find an agreeable alternative.  Unfortunately for her, nothing compares...  So, here's where it gets interesting, Bluefly had it, at 20% off, no less. With just a bit of hesitation, it was gone in a blink of an eye.  Mel, you dropped the ball! Oh the mel-o-drama!!!

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